We often use the term “global issue” to describe a matter of urgent concern that affect human populations locally and that are shared among diverse human societies within our global community. The impact of global warming is costing the world more than $1.2 trillion a year. This is according to a report published in the guardian. We seem to be spending so much now on preventing environmental crisis but when we had the chance to do so we turned our backs and just ignored what was happening. This is an issue that is already affecting the global economy as our environment is constantly changing. Undoubtedly, our planet is burning which will cause massive global warming and we are definitely part of the problem.

Globalisation has caused many damages to the environment and the irony is we don’t need any evidence for this; just think about what globalisation needs in order to function effectively? Firstly, it needs technology and the more technology evolved the more damages we have seen. The years of 1994, 2000,2002 and 2003 we have seen the hottest temperatures in 500 years

This is an issue that is related to global economy because the facts show us how much money is being spent to counter this threat in many parts of the world and deal with the impacts caused. However, let’s first understand how and when this has come to the discussion table of global economy. In 1988 Lynton Caldwell noted that there were three types of environmental agreements (Global political economy, p 356). First one being the Pacific Treaty in 1911 and a second type took place in 1954 which focused on the preventing pollution and lastly Caldwell notes the convention on the High Seas as an important environmental agreement.

Paris climate summit was supposed to be held in this month where surely a lot would have been discussed however, as a result of the recent Paris attacks that didn’t happen. Over population would have been on the top of agendas to be discussed but let us really discuss that. The argument that many have is that there is isn’t enough food to feed the whole population if the earth which is something that I strongly oppose to as there are more food to feed all humans on this earth but the real problem is the distribution of the food. Is population growth realty a problem to our environment? Since when are humans the enemy of their own planet? I don’t think so!

To say that we want economic growth, development while the same time protecting the environment we would be selling ourselves a fake dream. Considering the time this issue has been brought to the table in order to be discussed and prevent the triggers or potential causes, one might say that we as the people of the earth have been too complacent on this issue. The next generations to be born within the next 50 or even 100 years from now will experience the results of our actions in our pursuit of materialistic development. We always want the latest technology, the latest cars and in most cases especially in the developed countries you are likely to come across single house 4 different cars. Just think about the amount of pollution s they are causing!


Abdifatah Haji



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