Is Trump’s Make America Great Again International Relation Strategy, a one-way-ticket to Global Political Chaos?

Is Trump’s Make America Great Again International Relation Strategy, a one-way-ticket to Global Political Chaos? President Trump’s Foreign Affairs is jam-packed with controversy and several public undiplomatic utterances about other World leaders. This method is certainly not the continuation of Trump’s predecessor’s Foreign Affairs policy. So far, Trump’s political ideology has been classified by many Political Analyst Globally as Nationalist, Protectionist, Isolationist, and Populism. Nobody expect him to unilaterally declare that U.S would recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and start the process of the moving American Embassy there. Nor did anyone expect this U.S President to reverse Obama’s Presidential Policy Directive to Normalised International Relation with Cuba and or Imagining him to call the North Korea leader “Dotard or Rocket Man”.  To put it Simply, Trump’s Presidential Policy Directive issued since elected are contrary to Some of the U.S Republican party and Democrats Foreign Affairs strategy on Cuba etc. The U.S president has even blamed Cuba for the 22 American government workers injured on Cuban soil without any evidence to substantiate his assertions. Whilst the U.S State department are yet to identify the culprit and the mysterious weapon in this regard.

All of the aforementioned actions by the current U.S President, is like going over an old wound, as oppose to moving forward. This two countries history regarding trusting each another is at the all time low but they are both considered under the Monroe doctrine as neighbours. Trump’s is going back in-time, particularly, recalling the avoidance Nuclear War of October 1962, during his election campaign, when the U.S uncovered the Soviet Union Nuclear missiles installed in Cuba, merely 90 miles off the coast of the United States in height of the Cold War. Now that the Cold War has ended, and President Obama has already issued a Presidential Policy Directive aiming at Normalising U.S International Relation with Cuba, which is contrary to Trump’s agenda for Cuba

Just like the Obama’s Presidential Policy Directive to Normalised U.S International Relation with Cuba was rejected by Trump’s Administration. Trump’s called the North Korea leader Kim Jong-un “Dotard or Rocket Man” undiplomatic language from the so call leader of the free world. This utterance is kind off in alignment with Barbara Perry, argument that “Donald Trump has no political experience and does not recognise the political norms”. . This may probably explain his lack of tactics on the world stage, which are evidence as follows

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Still, on President Trump’s 6th December 2017, announce that America would recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital City and the proposed commencements of relocating U.S embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. According to the EU foreign Affairs Commissioner, this action is undermining the UN peace talk, and at the same time creating chaos in the region with unhappy response from Islamic States around the Globe, “Israel occupied East Jerusalem at the end of the 1967 War with Syria, Egypt and Jordan; the western half of the holy city had been captured in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war”.  This move reversed years of U.S neutrality on the status of Jerusalem according EU Foreign Affair Officer. Tensions are high in wake of Donald Trump’s Jerusalem announcement

In conclusion: Trump’s domestic political strategy is divisive, including by-passing the Congress on some U.S internal matters. Issuing several Presidential Policy Directives whilst his foreign Affairs strategic approach is a catalyst to Global Political Chaos as illustrated within. According to Thomas wright, who argued that Trump’s Protectionist ideology has three main fundamental principles, which are; firstly, his opposition to U.S Current Alliances, Secondly, his opposition to free trade; and thirdly his support for Authoritarianism. This Authoritarian aspect is now leading U.S to forsaking the Liberal international tactics of impartiality that President Trump’s predecessors have developed and practiced since after world war II, for the rebirth of a new World Order. Thomas Wright further maintained and placed Donald J. Trump foreign policy in an ideological and historical context purely on Trump’s fundamental principles, which are contrary to the past Republican president’s International Affairs beliefs since the 1980s.


By Adebayo Adeshina – M00609152



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