Some believe in it, and some do not, as Trump—what am I talking about? The answer is climate change.

Climate change is when the usual weather in a place becomes changes. As for instance, a change in how much snow or rain a place usually gets in a year. Or if a place’s usual temperature becomes changed during a season, that is counted as climate change too. The weather changes in a couple of hours, but changes in climate are supposed to take hundreds or million years. Unfortunately, that is not the case of today’s world.

The evidence of a rapid climate change are many. One of them are the global sea level that is arising—it arose 17-centimetre last decade and in this decade, it has doubled. Another evidence is the rise of global temperature. Most of the change in the global temperature has occurred in the last 35 years, including the 15 of the 16 hottest years happening since 2001. However, the list of evidence is long with warm oceans becoming one of them. The oceans have absorbed the heat and become 0.302 degrees Fahrenheit warmer since 1969, which is much in this short period. Another evidence is the shrinking ice-sheets in the Antarctic, glacial retreats, extreme events as heavy rainfall, and ocean acidification (NASA, 2016).

Then the question is, what causes climate change? Let me tell you. The answer is that human and natural causes are the reason for it. Natural causes as volcanic eruption, ocean current, earth orbital changes and solar variations. But let’s remember that the natural causes have always been a part of the world’s history but because of the human’s activities, climate change has speeded up. The United Nations, and important scientists are saying that we have to take actions against it. One of the major factors contributing to climate change is the man-made greenhouse gases. The emissions of it are responsible for more than 75% of the carbon dioxide (CO2). Clearing of land for industry, agriculture, deforestation, energy production, fuel for vehicles and home heating are some of the contributing factors for the greenhouse effect that is among other causing climate change (Climatechangechallenge.org, 2016).


Here comes the terrifying fact: Only 60 Years of Farming Left If Soil Degradation Continues! A senior UN official said that to generate three centimetres of top soil takes 1000 years, and if the present rate of degradation continues, there would be no more top soil within 60 years, which means no more farming. Topsoil provides nutrients to growing plants. The reason why soil is becoming destructed is because of chemical farming techniques, deforestation, and global warming, which as I mentioned above, are the contributors of climate change. And the worst part is to know that it is caused by the human being! However, 95 % of our food is from the soil —so that shows how dependent we are on it (Scientific American, 2016). Our food-security is threatened!

The United Nation’s SDG 13, (Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts), highlights the climate change issue and wants the world to combat it (United Nations Sustainable Development, 2015). Considering that there are people as Trump who does not believe in that climate change exists, it is good to know that an international body as the United Nations are addressing the issue and even have it as one of their goals in the Sustainable Development Goals. SO WAKE UP PEOPLE, LET’S COMBAT CLIMATE CHANGE AND SAVE THE WORLD!

By Marjam Chahrour

Middlesex University Dubai

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