According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “The global effects of climate change are already apparent in the rapid melting of glaciers, the thawing of the permafrost, changing precipitation patterns, fringe forests dying and being converted to marsh and a rising sea-level.” In 21st century human are facing one of the most urgent global problems : environmental matters has moved to the top of the global political agenda over the past two decades. Indeed, species are dying, the earth is being destroyed and humans don’t do enough to help. Even is some countries have cut their emissions others do nothing, and still dump their waste into poorer countries.  That is not responsible action, because earth is public goods, we have to preserve it. So, what do we need to do ? According to some scientist, NOTHING. Nothing ? Yes, because global warming is propaganda.



        So, making conferences about environment, trying to negotiate a reduction of CO2 emissions,  ratify the kyoto protocol will change nothing, because global warming is not due to human. Some scientists, says that there is no link between global warming and greenhouse gases, so, why are we trying to reduce them ? Maybe, some scientists told lies. According to Professor Clark: “CO2 clearly cannot be causing temperature changes, it’s a product of temperature, it’s following temperature changes.” So, our world theory about climate changing is wrong. Really? Yes ! None of the climate changes in the past 1,000 years can be explained by CO2. So CO2 doesn’t  drive climate it certainly never did in the past so  it wont do now. So why scientists did say that CO2 drive global warming? Because they are following their own interests, human is selfish you know. Global warming is an idea to develop an environmental economy. Capitalist system have to be every where, even in environmental fields. More, Scientists had problem to get funding, but they really need money for their research… And, imagine all jobs which depend on global warming. Tens of thousands? More? It is a very big industry, with multinational and interests groups which are lobbying for it. So, capitalists, interests groups, lobby, multinational, scientists meet, and choose to create the global warming in their own interest. Also, global warming allow north countries to reduce developing countries development, by introduce tax and rules on their economy. Wealthier still be the wealthier thanks to these swindle, without it, developing countries such as china will be the first !

         Now, you are thinking, if ice is melting… but it is not from human… from what it is? I will explain you, there is many reasons. Once you have to know that modern world made a problem about global warming but according to Lord Lawson “ the earth’s climate is always changing”. See the Holocene maximum, 8,000 years ago, there was very hight temperatures then, little ice age in 14th century, the Thames would freeze over ! So, weather is changing, we can’t freeze it!                                                       

        First, we will see one of the reason of global warming : the sun. It is so big, we are so little. Do you really think that so little human can impact this huge planet? No ! But the sun does.  Thanks to sun we can predict the weather by studying sunspots it is intense magnetic fields. Astronomers            count the number of sunspots to predict the weather. They believed more spots meant warmer weather. Therefore the sun drives climate. See, when there is sun, you feel warmer, but when there are clouds, the earth turn cold. This theory of solar variability seems to explain the global warming.

But according to the Ner Shiveen and professor Yann Weitzer programme the conclusion is that The climate was controlled by the clouds, the clouds were controlled by cosmic rays and the cosmic rays were controlled by the sun.

At least, there are others theories of global warming, Anthropogenic Global Warming Bio-thermostat Ocean Currents and Planetary Motion. To conclude, be lucide, please, it is not propaganda !  We really need to solve this problem, and I hope we will do, at least for our children.







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