How better to begin than with the recent political event presenting the break away from tolerance and rationality into an illiberal and authoritarian like leader, the notorious Donald Trump, next in line to occupy the White House and openly in favour of “building walls” “deportation” in favour of big business which apparently is the key to “make America great again” (BBC News). With both the Supreme Court and Congress in his grip, he has been very clever in surrounding himself with people who’s judgment are to say the least limited, for example his choice with regard to making military decisions without being constrained by congress Michael T Flynn, his national security advisor, labelled a dangerous extremist to say the least, and just in case you didn’t already know USA has one of the worlds biggest nuclear arsenals as well as the most developed security and surveillance system in the world which are reassuringly Trumps new toys. Tobacco, chemical, fossil fuel and finance companies make up trumps team who it’s no secrete aim to avoid taxation and regulations by state (George Monbiot) . The interests represented by this group now have the power. It appears that democracy has become a concept that can be bought.

Brexit, another memorable departure from democracy, where Britain a member state of the European Union wanting to take control of there own country and policy’s again have a referendum on separating themselves from the institution as well as the accountability of European law. A campaign who’s main argument was essentially led by the idea of tighter borders and less immigrants; However they find themselves in a rather complex position whereby the U.K. Either agrees to the free movement of European Citizens in order to gain access to the single market whereby the Brexit supporters will have gained nothing but sheer embarrassment, alternatively the EU completely Denys Britains requests and may impose an exit bill of €60 billion to cover the costs of its withdrawal which isn’t feasible for government to pay (George Monbiot).

Marine Le Pen has a very likely chance of becoming the next French president in May, with amassing support and growing nationalist movements spreading across central and Eastern Europe specifically, whether Britain may have started a domino effect and the election of ale Pen leads to the collapse of the EU is a future uncertainty.

Vladimir Putin president of the worlds largest country 4 times the size of America consisting of 146 million people ranking 132 on the democracy index presenting a clear authoritarian regime in possession of 7,300 nuclear warheads which is more than the USA its also the 8th in worlds oil reserves and 1st in natural gas reserves making Russia one of the richest countries not to mention its the highest on the corruption index so as you can imagine media and political parties are not independent in Russia (Wikipedia). Recently headlines state CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win the White House (Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima and Greg Miller). They are perpetrators of war crimes in Syria (Julian Borger) and quite Frankly Putin doesn’t answer to anybody.

And the idea of freedom in China Since Xi Jinping became President of the People’s Republic of China party (PRC) in March 2013 looks bleak as there have been 1,800 cases of arbitrary detention and torture of human rights activists and lawyers reported by CHRD (Jon Stone).

So hear we are the beginning of the end, It’s far from comforting to think that if Le Pen wins, the UN Security Council permanent representative members will consist of :Donald Trump, Theresa May, Marine Le Pen, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin! (George Monbiot) How secure can we really be then.

Natasha (Dubai Campus)


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