“Give a kidney and buy the new iPad!”  Human organ trader’s slogan contacted by The Guardian is very clear. Capitalist systems are everywhere, everything has a price, all can be sold or bought. There was one thing which had resist to economic liberalization : human body.

But with globalization and liberalization apogee human traffic developed. Today, UNO (United Nations Organisation) is giving traffic crime for responsible of inequality, instability and murder in some countries. For instance, Sub saharan countries are highly concerned by human trafficking as albino traffic which is benefiting from poverty and albino’s inequality to grow.

Indeed, in developing countries as Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi, Organ trafficking is very lucrative. Then, Albinos are victims of persecution, attack, kidnap, dismemberment and murder. Besides, some Albino are persecuted until their death, because of human organ traders who  dig up Albino bodies from their graves to collect their organs and members. In theses countries, there is no law or ethics which  protect Albinos. In theses countries, even the dead are not in peace.


The Canadian charity Under the Same Sun had listed 457 attacks whose 178 murders against albino in 26 african countries ,this ten past years. Persecution of people with albinis is based on the belief that certain body part of albinistic people can have magical powers. This gruesome trade is also powered by the belief that albino’ bones contain gold. Theses African rituals and spiritual ideas about albinism have led to the brutal murder of innocent men, women and especially children. Albino’s bones are sold to traditional healers in Malawi and Mozambique to concoct potions which are supposedly able to grant luck and wealth.






In Mozambique albino trade is becoming common. In this country, there is between 20 000 and 30 000 albinistic people. According to Cesaria Chazia, Amor à vida association’s for albino protections Before, they were ‘only’ discriminations victims’ but now  they are frightened by death, violence and kidnap. For instance, when they are walking in the street, Albino can hear people tell « There, my money ». In Mozambique Albino are observing and selling like goods. Our capitalist economy put a price on everything, even albino body or members. Indeed, according to ONU experts you can buy an albino member for fews hundred euro, a whole body for 60 000 euro. Our modern economy is working only if there is offer and demand, people are offering albino for money, and witchdoctors are buying it. So, albino trafic develop a new economy and generates profits for poor people in under developed countries but that destroys hundreds of lives. The economy has never had to extend to human trafic, especially organs traffic. In this economic world we must be aware of our freedom, as human, as women, as children and as albino persons.


Politics and non-governmental organizations are trying to solve this urgent issue. For instance, Tanzania government had lead a series of steps to fight albino persecution. This process have to be followed by policemen, local authority and Albino tanzania society members. Besides, in june of 2016 Malawi justice forbidden all witch and traditional healers to exerce to protect albino. Maybe, Theses government intervention will inspire others african countries.

Non-governmental organizations are also concerned about Albino protections. According to Ikponwosa Ero, UNO expert in albino right, there was already many attack and death, that have to stop. UNO expert in albino are thinking that Albino traffic is powerfull, as drug traffic could be and that will be continue until they identify members traffic.

More, Amnesty International is still claiming government which have do nothing to protect albino to take specific measures to save them.

One of the most urgent issues in the global political economy is to protect humans from our international economic organisation. Here, to protect albino from organs traffic. We missed this problem, now politics and Non governmental organizations are trying to solve it. There are others solutions that seek justice and condomnation, more peaceful. Build cement graves for albino to protect their dead body, organise a miss and mister competion to promote their beauty or the creation of an international day for albino to sensibilize people about this genetic disease. Thanks to UNO, this day is existing today, you can learn more about it here .






Please, donate now to save albino : 





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