As one of the most powerful countries in the world, the US election always attracts attention from people worldwide. As it has been all over the news during the past few weeks, everyone is aware that Donald Trump has won the election and become the president of the US. According to CNN (2016), in order to win the election, the candidate needs 270 electoral votes. After a tough final battle between Trump and Clinton, Trump has won the election with 290 votes, whilst Clinton losing with 232 votes. It is a shock for many people because during the election Trump’s competitor- Hillary Clinton has received supports from a lot of people, including celebrities. However, is Trump’s victory a shocking at all, or is it an inevitable result?

From the US election 2016, it is seen that there are several reasons that predict Trump’s victory. First of all, Hillary Clinton has years of political experience and is a representative of the Democracy. On the one hand, it may sound like her advantages and should have led Hillary Clinton to her victory. On the other hand, during her time working as a Secretary of State, she has to deal with a number of scandal, including the coming to power of the Islamic State, the fallen of Libya, and the fact that Iran gets it closer to obtaining nuclear weapons. Her vote for the Iraq War also worsens her image amongst the public. This is considered a result of her bad policy decisions, which leads to the suspicion amongst the public that Hillary Clinton has not earned her titles.

All the bad decisions Hillary Clinton has made remind Americans the failed Democratic system, which has made Americans to have doubts in what the US and their lives in the US would be life if the Democrats keep having the majority of power in the US government. As they are losing hopes on democracy, it led to millions of democrats not voting. This has led to Hillary’s lost in the presidency election. The fact that Hillary Clinton during the election keeps promoting old ways of politics, not believing in anything other than what can get her elected. That is the reason why she kept changing what she was fighting for during the election. One moment she fought against gay marriage, the next she supported it, knowing that it would have made her gaining supports from the public. This has made the majority of Americans thought that they needed change, and Trump might be the one who could lead them to change.


Secondly, although there are many arguments that Hillary Clinton did not win because she is a woman, which brings out the sexist and inequality for women in the workplace. Maybe it is the issue with the sexist, or maybe it is Americans want to have a female president, but it just not is Hillary. The fact that Hillary Clinton did run for the presidency in 2008 and she did not win suggests that Americans do not want her to be the president and maybe she is not meant to be a president after all.

In terms of Trump, despite being exposed to negativity on the public by what he has said and done, the main reason that Trump won is because he promised that he would make America great again. It can be said that his slogan captures both optimism and pessimism. This implies that America was great in the past, but lost in during the last few decades. Yet, if Trump won, he would make America restored to its greatness, representing hopes that the majority of Americans have been looking for. Although there is no guarantee that Trump can and will achieve that, since he has no political experience, there are hopes that he might do the right thing, unlike Hillary Clinton that has made too many wrong decisions during her career that has made most of Americans lost faith in her.

Another reason that leads to Trump’s victory is that he has tackled a number of issues facing American during the past periods, including increasing illegal immigrants and terrorism. Incidents regarding 11/9, and other terrorist attacks in the US, as well as the false perception amongst many Americans that immigrants take all their jobs, have strengthened anti-muslim and anti-immigrant feelings amongst Americans. This has led them to believe that if Trump won, he would done things that would ease their fear. These things added up have led to Trump’s victory and Hillary Clinton’s lost. So what are your thoughts about the 2016 US election?

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Jidapa Ketrat (M00416639)

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