Huge Victory for Food Security!

House of Representatives Passes Global Food Security Act: Bill Ready for President’s Signature


So it’s official- the Global Food Security Act (GFSA), a key piece of legislation to fight hunger and strengthen food security, is about to become law. Yes, it really is about to become a reality! This exciting news is a result of years of work by the US Congress and the food security community and is a significant step forward to ensure greater food security for the masses of people across the globe that do not have proper access to it. If this success is to be put in the words of the late Neil Armstrong. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

It’s important to remember that the world ends up producing enough food to feed the entire population of 7 billion people. However, there is one person out of 8 even right now who is starving and end up going to bed hungry. This shouldn’t be the case in the world, especially in this day and age.  Also in some countries, one in every three children are underweight due to lack of food. Why does hunger still exist? Isn’t it time everyone did something? There are so many interconnected reasons for the presence of hunger in the world.

Therefore heading in the right direction, on the 6th of July 2016 The House of Representatives voted by a margin of 169-53 in order to get the approval of the GFSA. This bill will now be sent to President Obama to be analyzed and signed.

This is a major announcement for many food security organizations including Action Against Hunger who have been campaigning for years in order to pass this bill. This is also a pivotal point for a vast number of hungry people across the world who will definitely be benefitting from the passing of the GFSA. Personally, this news is of great importance to me as well as many people around the world largely due to the fact that the world is in a dire state at the moment with starvation and over usage of food and an action like this could only benefit towards the wellbeing of the world’s populace.

795 million people suffer from starvation around the world (World Hunger, 2016).  While there has been progress in the recent years the journey is still not yet over to eradicate hunger once in for all. At this pace, it would definitely be a reality in the near future.

The GFSA provides a strong foundation to combat hunger by developing and executing a comprehensive global food and a nutrition security strategy which will permanently allow the work which is being done by feed the Future. Feed the Future is the US Governments Global Hunger and Food Security initiative that was born of the belief that global hunger is solvable. The bill will build upon the progress that already been made by Feed the Future, which is achieved by developing a whole-of-government strategy that supports country ownership food security and nutrition.

The House of Representatives and the Senate had both agreed on the GFSA during the spring by large margins, but there was evidently some minor variations between the two bills. This resulted in the House of Representatives to have a second vote in order to approve the Senate measure. This time, however, the GFSA will be officially signed into law by President Obama, which will consequently ensure that Feed the Future’s continual efforts to enhance food security will continue to flourish even after his term ends by 2017.

Charith Wijetunge

Dubai Campus


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