Starting from the standard setting of a typical science class from your childhood, you were told that the probability of a baby being born of either gender was 50 percent; that both boys and girls had an equal chance of being born into the world, you live in today. However, it took you much longer to discover that those odds were not the same when it came to thriving in it.

The starting point for unequal income begins with the median average of revenues earned in the same profession by both sexes.Statistically (white) full-time female workers make only 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 20 percent(Institute For Women’s Policy Research). Extending further into the galling combination of racial disparities as well “; 69 cents for black women” and ” 57 cents, for Latina women”(Bennet,2012) only makes the issue more unjustifiable to be prevalent in modern society. Vulnerability to poverty, Lower market value for the feminised workforce and occupational segregation is the ongoing result of an economic and social oppression against women(Pearson,2016). Unfortunately with no exception of even female dominated or centralised professions such as nursing and civil service work(Elkins,2015), the reality of a woman in either the private or public sector is the sad certainty of being paid a percentage less than their male counterpart ( Petersen, Morgan,1995).

Although this practically archaic practice happens on a global scale, the most relevant and current examples in the media are generally centralised in The United States of America.The political situation of the inequality in the US(United States) can clearly be described as an ongoing debate in a seemingly polarised conflict for legislation change. Where the supposedly “righteous” opposition believes uncompromisingly for inaction in closing the gap and justifies the income disparity on the female gender themselves, or all together writing the difference off as a myth(Pearson,2016). Notwithstanding the argument of denial, the pay gap is not due women choosing less profitable or demanding fields or even possessing familial responsibilities, but merely because they were born a girl.In her article in the NewYork Times Jessica Bennet states that “In many ways, the wage gap is a complicated problem tied to culture, tradition and politics. But one part of it can be traced to a simple fact: many women just don’t negotiate or are penalised if they do”(2012).

The prime example for female advocates this year, surprisingly came not from the legislators but from the U.S. women’s soccer team when they stood against their unequal pay in early March, filing a legal suit against the wage discrimination of earning a degrading 40 percent of what their fellow male players receive.Despite the fact that the female team not only played more games throughout the season but brought in $20 million more revenue than the male team as well(Carpenter,2016).Frustratingly enough although they won through legal action and negotiated better terms with the  U.S. Soccer Federation ; male players are still getting paid significantly more just for showing up. Granting that the sports industry is notorious for not so subtle wage discrepancies for the even champion and Olympic level female athletes; the evidence clearly demonstrates the motivation of government and institutions has yet to reach the point to elevate women to the decent financial and economic security of their male equals for 2016.

by Georgia Rebecca Mae Massey

(Dubai campus)


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