snowWe live in an age where the use of internet is becoming as essential part of our lives, this is because the interne has come a long way since the 80s when it was called ARPANET; today we are able to buy charismas gifts without having to go to the mall and this would have been impossible many decades ago. But, whenever we buy things online there are negatives to that as you are sharing your information leaving your account open to hacking; computer crimes are believed to be the biggest growing threat to our society, thieves no longer need to stand outside in order to take stuff from people, they are only few clicks away from having access to millions of money and this is why that I believe that development of technology is an urgent issue for the global economy.

Companies such as Carphone warehouse, Marks and Spenser have been the recent victims of commuter hacking. Many governments have decided to take actions to tackle this ever growing threat but the question is have they gone a little too deep in doing so? What I mean is that states are now spying on business no whether they are doing that to protect the economy is a matter of debate. A prosperous economy needs a competition, and in order to win that completion the privacy of businesses must be respected so it is hard to trust your government when your internet service provider is spying on you.

Two years ago, the private networks of Brazil’s largest oil company and one of the 30 biggest businesses in the world, Petrobras, were targeted under the NSA’s “BLACPEARL” programme; now this has left the relations between the countries unstable but was there any need for NSA to do so? Other leaked documents reveal that the NSA even created

Any business needs privacy in order to be creative and be ahead in competition. The fact that the already developed “powerful” countries such as US and Britain seem to be lacking simple manners to respect privacy clearly indicates that a prosperous world economy is at risk.

If states are increasing their surveillance in order to fight “terrorism” well that leaves us with one question, why is all the spying not preventing the number of terror attacks we’ve witnessed in recent months?

Whether it is NSA spying or any other organisations in the US or Britain individual privacy must be respected, we have already see damage done to some companies so whatever spying programme there is it needs to be stopped. This is not to say to say that a complete free market wouldn’t do any harm at all because they have done damage themselves but the point is that states use surveillance for their own benefits under the protection of national security.

Please watch this video!

Abdifatah Haji


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