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Our world can be difficult at times. In fact most of the times it is. One of the biggest and most important issues we are dealing with is inequality. To think that after so many years of embracing equality,  our world and our society would have gotten it together by now, unfortunately that isn’t the case.

We live in a world that still has stereotypes, racism, and ridiculous class systems. We should acknowledge that this is by far one of the most urgent matters that needs to be dealt with.

One of the most disturbing inequalities, is gender inequality. I cannot understand why this is still an issue today (to be fair, I can’t understand why equality is such a hard thing to accomplish). Woman and men ARE equal, and we live in a society where women can essentially do the same things men can. For example: drive,  got to the store, and most importantly work.

So if women are equal to men why do companies continue to pay women less than what they pay men? This is obviously a gender issue, and it’s offensive and absurd! This makes society look weak and ignorant. It becomes especially peeving when a multimillion company decides woman are worth less for doing the same job men are doing.

Inequality is horrible and unfair.  People are born into their gender and it isn’t necessarily a choice. A woman can be as powerful and knowledgeable as a man and still not get treated equally.

One can even argue that the global political economy would be more diverse and possibly more successful if gender inequality wasn’t an issue. Closing the gender gap in the global political economy could potentially save some money in the political market. The IMF reports that 853 million women have the potential to contribute more to their economies ( That could be such a positive attribute to our global economic market, bringing in in more trade and revenue as well as equality. According to newstatesman bringing equal pay to woman would really benefit our market. Poverty usually hits women harder around the world especially if they are a single parent.

Woman should be treated like equals. Woman have been oppressed over and over, even been accused in the past years of being naturally unstable. Over the years woman have been labeled as being able to take care of work that needs caring, like cleaning, nursing etc. However, these seem to be some of the least paying jobs. “…women’s unremunerated work in the home to detriment of women’s autonomy and economic scale cannot be explained by market conditions alone; they also require an understanding that certain types of work, forms of “caregiving” are often considered “natural” for women to perrone”. [J. A. Tickner 1997]

According to the stanford center, gender equality in the workplace should be well minimized because scholarly there are now just as many men as there is woman working towards a degree , meaning that once they have their degree both sexes are able to get the same job. If equality was not an issue this would allow women to contribute more economically ( our economic market suffers from what seems to be such an outdated yet very urgent issue. Many times it makes you wonder that this issue is so prevalent why haven’t we pursued this until it gets fixed? why do we continue to allow such big companies that make billions, to pay unfairly and be sexist? It is imperative to put our foot down and works towards being equal.

However, it seems that some countries are working on this (working hard we hope), and statistics have shown some minimal improvement over the years. minimal? yes. But something is something, according to equal pay portal, The gender pay gap for median earnings of full-time employees decreased to 9.4 percent, from 9.6 per cent in 2014. This is the lowest since the survey began in 1997, although the gap has changed relatively little over the last 4 years. A similar trend is seen when full-time and part-time employees are combined, although the gap is unchanged from 2014, at 19.2 percent. (

Equality should not be something we wonder about. It should be given. Both genders are equal and woman should not suffer the inequalities they are given.


-Cecilia Urrutia

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