CyberwarThis month TALK TALK, a multimedia service provider, was victim to a cyber attack which lead ton up 4 million users data to be lost. This has caused an uproar and has drawn attention to the increasing dangers of the internet and data security. The frightening thing is that our information is not the only thing at risk. You are.

Hong Kong must take the threat of cyber warfare seriously” (South China Morning Post 2 July 2014). “Obama finally wakes up to China’s cyber war” (USA Today 21 May 2014). “Europe begins its largest-ever cyberwar stress test” (Wall Street Journal 28 April 2014). “Russia–Ukraine conflict could trigger cyberwar” These are just a couple of headlines from newspapers from all over the world which shows growing concern about this global issue.

Cyber attacks have been the recent story of many companies including Carphone Warehouse and Marks and Spencer. Not to mention the recent attacks on Ebay, Target, and Adobe which lost nearly 100 million details of users. Unfortunately, this has also happened between states. Last year the Office of personal management in the US was heavily attacked by hackers  and lost nearly 25 million users data in 2014. These included users addresses, account numbers and financial information. Cyber attacks have been said to be the biggest growing threat to our society due to the recent increase of online usage.

Many financial institutions and companies information are now stored online in a virtual ‘secure’ space. This has caused an exponential increase on cyber security spending and innovation. Despite this, individual people have been able to hack into huge mainframes by themselves. Just 3 people were able to hack into JP Morgans cyberspace and steal nearly 100 million people’s information from 2007.This was the “one of the largest thefts of financial-related data in history”(BBC 2015). This leaving us with the  question,  is our money really safe?Maybe ? All I do know is the new front line in battle might just be the fibre optic line.

Harry Phinda

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