tertiary_education_costs  Education has always been valuable aspect of people’s live at any time. In 18th century for example it was required by society that people need to be educated. Women had to study arts and philosophy, men – science. However time passed and people changed. There is no division now between men and women, everyone can pick whatever they want to study. Temporary society believes that education is the road to the bright future. Is it though?

Let’s look at it from a bit different angle. There are different types of education: private and state (free). It looks like the only difference is that people pay for the private education, but why do they have got more opportunities later i their career than people, that are same or even more talented, but from the state school? The bourgeoisie is dictating the rules and expel the middle class from ability to show what they can do. It does not particularly mean that education in private schools is better. It is pretty much the same, but id does make difference to the future.

For example, people leaving schools, going to college. Again.. there is a choice between private and state. The only way to get to private college is to pay for education, that you are actually should be entitled for by the government, as this is the level that everyone has to achieve. There is a big issue behind it that is coming from the class division. Wealthy families will pay for their child’s education, even though it is the same everywhere. The fact is that they believe that private schools, where only wealthy kids are studying will benefit their child. Is it really? If you think about it, would these kids ever understand how the society is made? Of course they would know the strutter of the bourgeoisie, but what about middle class? The only reason why rich people are considered rich is just because there is someone, who is earning less than them and can afford less.

The division does not stop even after college. Again: private and state. However now it’s a bit different. University education costs money no matter if it is private or state. To get a qualified job, you need to have a diploma or certificate that states that you are capable to deal with it. So basically it os a barter between money and knowledge. Since the tuition fees went up, the amount of students decreased. Some can not ford it, some of them just do not think that £9000 a year is a fair fee for the knowledge they will get. Usually this people start earning money either for future education or to gain skills and get along without any certificates. Though wealthy people do go to the universities and they do study, because they can afford it. Even though they can be not as intelligent as others, they still can get it.

Everything what is stated above shows the parallels between money and education, education and class. It is very disappointing to understand that by law everyone is entitled to get educated, however on practice not everyone can do it. It is a shame that in 21st century we still have people that do not know how to read or write and what is the worst – we can not do anything about it, because “Money. Talk. Education”.

Julija Savela





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