Putin expressed the desire for a “New World Order” capable of ensuring the stability of the planet. He finds that the United States are abusing their role as world leader. What has not been adequately reported anywhere is that the pillars of the “old regime” collapse for years.

Everything was so simple… The world was divided into two camps, the West and the rest. And “West” was really “the best”. There are 20 years, six of the most powerful economies were part of the pro-Washington camp.

We therefore need to make a small “flash back” At the time the US was THE LEADER. Its gross domestic product (GDP) was four times larger than that of China and was worth nine times that of Russia. But that has become the world’s largest economy now? China!

It should be noted that in the eyes of Westerners, China and India embodied for as “backward countries” and it would take them a century to become potential rivals. Russia, it was seen as a basket case, a kneeling country in chaos. Such notions, in the 90s were perfectly justified.

Now it is the West that the brunt of the joke. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that in 2015, the four largest economies of the world will be members of the club known by its acronym, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), no less!  Italy, the sick man of Europe, no longer part of the ten leading pack, and the United Kingdom, red lantern, barely cling to it. London still claims to be the central financial center. The only ones who still believe the British are small (“the little Englanders“).


Regarding the Empire US, it will not disappear from one day to the next, but the sun is already low in the sky.  The only two still standing are Germany and Japan, neither does being serious military actors. The rise of the BRICS and other emerging economies play a major role in global consumption, world trade and global investment. “The BRICs play a special role in this drama.” (The BRICs and the Washington Consensus: An introductionBan, Cornel, Blyth, Mark 2013). By 2020, the IMF estimates that Russia will overtake Germany and India has outperformed Japan.

Pauline PEREZ


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