The problem with UKIP is they won’t to go away!

UKIP’s latest win in the Rochester by-election with defector Mark Reckless has highlighted a problem. With growing popularity towards this ‘saying what everyone is thinking’ party, the real question to ask is why are UKIP becoming so popular in the UK at this crucial moment in time before the May General Election in 2015?

We must consider the argument from Standing (2011), who argued there is a new socio- economic class emerging, made up of those who are unemployed, have little job stability and cannot fit into any other class due to alienation from work and the community, these citizens are known as the ‘Precariat’. The Precariat in the UK are one of the fundamental reasons to why UKIP are suddenly seeing an upsurge in popularity over the recent months. This is shown through the latest figures of the Rochester…

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