Since EU expanded to 28 member states the migration process became much easier and more common for the population, that now a lot of countries become overly international. For example UK. But then question is why do people leave their homes and change their lives?

The major reason is wealth and standards of living of the countries. It includes everything: health care, social help, work opportunities, wages etc. People do look for something better, its their nature.

Another reason why people migrate is family. The movement of young adults to another country to study, or to work is more likely to bring the older population with them, as a lot of families just try to stay together. However migration is a very serious issue for the all the countries.

For example, the Latvian Statistics show that during the period between 2011 and 2013 the number of emigrants from Latvia was almost 3 times bigger than the number of immigrants. Due to the opportunities that people can use as europeans, people do leave the country. Mostly it happens due to lack of job vacancies. Moreover, a lot of students leave Latvia to study abroad and they are usually the ones that are “sorely missed”. The biggest issue for Latvia is that young adults barely want to come back, leaving the country with the older population. With the time those people will need to get pensions, which will need to be paid from the tax that workers pay, but if there is not enough people to work, how pensioners get their money for their ages of work and dedication for their country. This is not purely economical issue, but also a nation crisis. Demographic meltdown can be very dangerous especially to the countries with the smaller population.

Latvian government has already stated that younger population is the future of the nation and the best way to succeed is to provide the best conditions for that. Unfortunately the as long as the living standards are not going to be improved, The migration will continue, but it is in Latvian government’s interests to make it better as soon as possible.

Julija Savela



“Far From Home”,(1.10.2012) (Last Accessed: 12.12.2014)


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