It still hasn’t been a year since Ukraine voted for stepping into the European Union as the only way of integration. Their willing of being European country has raised many issues that not only Ukraine suffers from, but the rest of the world as well. However, looking at Ukraine as an independent country, does it have everything to become European or no?

Ukraine has got too much related to Russia, which is obvious as the Soviet Union broke down only 25 years ago. Blinded by all European political and economical situation, Ukraine realised that it is an escape from soviet standard, however 62% of population who voted for EU didn’t see the upcoming conflicts that it may raise. As an eastern european myself i do understand why most post soviet countries enter EU, however i don’t know what they can offer to EU in return? Manufacturing is strictly controlled by European authorities, which does not allow countries to climb economically. Ukraine in that case has to put a lot of effort into meeting the requirements. The first issue is a gas debt to Russia, which was the starting point of conflict. Ukraine does not have enough money to repay everything straight away. However even if they would, all natural resources they would get after would be much more expensive and would just slow down their economical development, which would lead to even longer time to meet the requirements of EU.

Blinded by, let’s call it “European Dream”, Ukraine is trying to move on without a proper recovery from Soviet Union. The level of corruption is not going to help the economical development of country and the democracy will not exist, due to totalitarism.

So is Ukraine ready? My answer is no. Unfortunately it is the country that is far away from being the real European Country. Its identity and focuses are different and to change that it takes more than 25 years.

Julija Savela


– (Posted 21.11.13).

– 05.03.14).


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