Probably a lot of people have heard about how powerful economically and politically America is. But is it?

It is true that after II World War 80% of the world’s wealth used to belong to America. They build their capital and their reserves selling military weapons to other countries. That gave them power and ability to control everything around the world: from economy till politics. None of the countries were stronger than America.

The gold standard is set by America, currencies are connected to dollar and depend on it. Seems like nothing can weaken the country. However, the understanding of their strength and probably overestimating their own abilities, where a negligence could actually be an issue, America’s omnipotence has been questioned. Their spendings didn’t seem to bring to much profit, same as investments. The banks were soaking in debts deeper and deeper until the government had to rescue them in order to prevent a global default and America’s disappearance from the economical Olymp. So how is it possible now to prove if America is still at the helm?

sipriThe only way is a military control of the situation. Look at it from that point of view: Vietnam, Iraq, Syria – all the wars started because of money. Well, natural resources like oil, that is money. However, all of the attacks were covered and explained as “the war against terrorism”, that America tried to tackle, especially after 09/11. Didn’t America turned into terror country itself while trying to prevent it elsewhere? The way this country is able to control others now is only military power, which consumes most of the America’s annual budget – $711 billion is spent each year on the military ammunition, which brings America to the first place in military spendings (see above).

The screen in New York clearly shows that countries debt increases veery second and will continue increasing, social services budget is suffering, free health care and other benefits just being cut. However military spendings are nit getting affected. How is it possible that Americas citizens still believe in American dream and in democracy? How can they feel free if their minds are controlled by the government?

Even though citizens still might believe in the bright future, the future of America is definitely not crystal clear. The country is powerful until people do believe in it. However blind people can become sighted at some point and this is when America’s power will come to an end.

Julija Savela


SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), “10 Largest Military Spenders 2011”.


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