egg storage for IVF


In 2014 Apple and Facebook took on the concept of feminism as a very high priority. According to the American news network NBC, these companies pay for the freezing of eggs of female employees. The main reason for this programme is to offer their females employees more flexibility so that they can full focus on their careers and wait to have children after their career. Facebook argue that; Females’ employees deserve the same changes and therefore we must reduce gender inequality by offering the same work change. We are going too far with these frozen babies to control Mother Nature.

Stiglitz, J (2009) suggests on macro level that it is important to balance between the role of the market and the role of the government. It is important to understand that certain circumstances impose limitations that cause the markets to work inefficiently. Here we are reflecting this to a micro level and looking further to the employment market within the enterprise. The essential differences on a working level between women and men, is the period when many women quit their job to focus on starting a family (Bakker 2003).

The limitation according to Stiglitz is the difference in priorities during your career. This period offers the men more opportunity because he has a much longer period without interruptions to work. Apple and Facebook are pushing gender equality to the highest level and create fewer differences between women and men. According to Stiglitz, the markets are not self-regulating and the enterprises must help to control the personal priorities of their employees so they can reduce the inequality in the companies.

According to a recent report from Forbes, (Snyder 2014). A survey 484 of the 716 women stated that motherhood is the reason to quit with their job. An anonymous female employer added during an interview in the report that she no longer saw a future in going back to work after having children. With these thoughts it sounds almost logical that Apple and Facebook are offering this option to freeze egg cells. This expensive treatment is a privilege for women. However Apple and Facebook do not offer a guarantee of pregnancy, because some risks exist when the eggs are thawed.

On the other side, Apple and Facebook are also offering female employers time to consider delaying or abandoning their family wish by offering them money.

If I am working at a company and am at the age to have children, and my boss suggested to me that I could freeze my eggs and at the same time promotion by delaying starting a family, I am not sure that I would have the patience to do so. I would have to consider the more natural option.

Liza Rietvelt


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