The 85 richest billionaires in the world have seen their wealth increase by 500 million euros every day last year. Stunning ?In other words, they have as much money as the 3.5 billion poorest people in the world. These information are also revolting, they were highlighted by Oxfam, a charity specializing in development initiatives (Report: “Even It Up: Time to end extreme inequality“). The association has calculated that over the past four years, their wealth has gained 124% and last year about 240 billion.

In addition, since the financial crisis, the number of billionaires has doubled and today there are 1646. For instance, the case of China is relevant: “Inequality is now higher. China accounted 28 of the 226 newcomers to Forbes Billionaires list in 2008. China now has a heavier density of billionaires per unit of GDP than the European Union, though it remains way below the US.” (‘Global political economy’ by John Ravenhill- p 396)


At the head of these billionaires, Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, the founder of Microsoft technology company. His fortune is estimated at $ 76 billion. It seems that Bill Gates is so rich that 218 years required to exhaust his fortune by spending $ 1 million every day. In practice, this might not even happen because the rest of his fortune would always produce interest and therefore would continue to increase at a faster rate than expenses. We can notice that the richest man in the world pays half his fortune in works of charity and those mainly located on the African continent.

Pauline PEREZ

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